Design Process

Step 1:  The client would have called or emailed Blooming Gardens requesting a quotation to have some landscape work done. An appointment would be made for us to come meet with you.  At the consultation we will begin to discuss what your landscape requirements are, do a site walk around, take a few photos ( with your permission) and discuss a workable budget. This process usually takes about 30mins to complete, depending on the size of the property and work involved.  Our technician will then proceed to take measurements of the property to prepare a to scale design. We will give you a ball park figure of the landscape cost.  If you decide you would like to proceed with a design and formal proposal the fees are as follows.

$150 plus HST for contracts $5000 or less

$250 plus HST for contracts between $5000-$10,000

$300 plus HST for contracts over $10,000-$20,000

$350 plus HST for contracts over $20,000

(We refund the design fee 100% against your landscape contract price if we are your chosen contractor.)

   The design process usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.  Once the design and proposal is complete we will call you back to set up an appointment to review it with you and answer any questions you may have.   Sometimes clients will make their decision on the spot but usually they will call us back in a few days to "firm things up." When both parties have come to an agreement then we sign the contract.

A 15% deposit will be required at this time. We will then narrow down a time as to when the construction process will begin. We will call you a few days before to make sure these days are still OK to proceed. 

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