Installation Process

Interlock Installation

Here we have a sample of our technicians installing an interlock patio for one of our clients.  In this photo the excavation has already been completed and the backfilling of the Granular ‘A’ (gravel) base had begun. We excavate 12” for patios,walkways,gardens walls etc.  and  24" for interlock driveways. Digging a proper depth is very important but their are many other  important components in making interlock strong and durable.  On all our jobs prior to the granular ‘A’ we install a geo textile membrane, it’s the “black blanket” you see in the photo.  This will prevent frost movement and settling by acting as a barrier between the granular ‘A’ and the sub soil.  A geo textile membrane and digging a proper depth are only a few key components to installing professional looking interlock.  At Blooming Gardens our experienced staff use all the proper techniques which will allow you to enjoy your interlock investment for many many years.   "We build it to last!!" 


The next step is to compact the base.  We do this in multiple layers to make sure the base is solid with no air pockets.  In this photo you will see one of our technicians compacting the Granular ‘A’.  You will notice that the 6x6 western red cedar poles have already been installed for a future pergola.

100_0440.jpg  100_0439.jpg

Once the base is prepared we are ready to install the interlock according to the landscape design that was provided for you.  After the interlock is laid we will complete the cutting required.  We then install a snap-lock or invisible edge to prevent the interlock from separating.  We are now ready to install the stabilizing sand.  Sand is what helps to lock all the stones in place.  Stabilizing sand is beneficial for your interlock because it will minimize weeds, ants and erosion. We will then do any final touch ups like sod patching and clean up.  Now its time to sit back and enjoy your new retreat for the rest of the summer.


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